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Technical advantages of Autol centralized lubrication system of wind power

0 Jan 23,2018 Industry News

The Suplub-W system is a new smart centralized lubrication solution of wind power integrated with computer, automatic control, wireless data transmission, central lubrication and other technologies. For many sets of Suplub-W system, a remote central control center may be set up in the headquarter of the wind farm management for on-line monitoring of WTGS centralized lubrication system in the wind farms. Leading technologies include:

1.Smart control and monitoring: The on-line operating conditions of WTGS centralized lubrication system in the wind farms may be monitored, for collection and storage of real-time operating data, accurate positioning of abnormal condition, accurate adjustment of operating data, real-time alarm, and providing emergency plan of troubleshooting.

2.Super high pump capacity: Our initiative air-pressure grease tank technology made breakthrough on normal pump operation of grease with high viscosity and consistency under conditions of low atmospheric pressure, high altitude and extremely cold climate to ensure effective operation of the lubrication system under demanding operating conditions. New integrated single-line distributor features high reliability and low fault rate. Any single faulty branch causes no influence on the normal operation of other branches. The grease supply may be easily adjusted. The lube points may be increased or reduced as needed. It features easy maintenance and low costs of repair and maintenance.

3.Smart collection of waste grease: Compared to the commercially available collector of passive recovery at present, this system is able to timely and thoroughly such and discharge the waste grease inside the bearings to ensure unclogged inner chamber and good tightness of seal and to make sure that grease may be smoothly filled into the bearing inner chamber, with easy and quick operation, high efficiency, high safety and environmentally friendly performance.


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