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  • HB-P Series Electric Grease Pump

HB-P Series Electric Grease Pump

At a glance:

many lube points
wide distribution
frequent grease feed

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The HB-P series electric grease pump applies to the single- and dual-line dry (dilute) grease centralized system with many lube points , wide distribution, frequent grease feed, nominal pressure of 40(20MPa) . As a grease pump, it may be provided with movable trolley, hose, nozzle and electric cables to constitute a movable electric grease pump for single equipment with infrequent grease feed, less lube points , high volume of grease feed and that the centralized lubrication is unsuitable. For movable grease feed, the grease reservoir is provided with automatic level alarm. If proper electrical control box is equipped, automatic control may be realized and the system is monitored.


  • Use grease with penetration not less than 220(25℃,150g) 1/10mm (NLGI0 # - 3# ) and grease with viscosity grade greater than N68.

Technical parameter


Model Nominal Pressure(MPa) Rated Flow(mL/min) Volume of Reservoir(L) Motor Power(KW) Voltage(V) Weight(KG)
HB-P200Z 40(20) 200 60 1.1 380 280
HB-P400Z 40(20) 40060、100 1.1 380 328
HB-P800Z 40(20) 800 100 2.2 380 405


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