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Technical Training

Autol Technology will provide compulsory training of operation and maintenance to guarantee the excellent service. The training content as following:


Working principle of lubrication system’s main parts

Detailed illustrate the working principle of lubrication system, such as the principle of lubrication pump, monitoring and divider.


The entire composition and control principle after installation

Illustrate the entire composition of the system, and distribution of each component, and working principle of the whole system.


System commissioning

Do the system commissioning after installation, to satisfy the required lubrication of equipment. The training includes: precaution of installation & commission, and procedure of commissioning and Troubleshooting during the commissioning.


System maintenance

Timely do the system maintenance after installation and commission. Autol Technology provides the training of the daily maintenance and precaution


Troubleshooting and analysis

Relative training on the fault phenomenon of system, analysis of fault reason, and elimination method of fault, such as fault analysis and elimination method of screen's abnormal display or blank.

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