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BYD Touring Bus

Brief Introduction:

Autol provides lubrication solution for BYD C8A touring bus. According to their needs, we chose 6 lubrication points in this system.


AR60 lubrication system, including AR60 pump(00# grease), AK04 monitor, pressurized distributor, tie, pipe, etc.

Our Cooperation with BYD:

We have cooperated with BYD for a long time. We provide lubrication solution for different vehicles of BYD, such as C8A (10.5 meter) and C9A touring bus(12 meter), K6(6-7.5 meter), K7(8.5 meter), K8(10.5 meter) and K9(12meter) bus.

Feedback from BYD:

Good lubrication has been achieved and will not be affected in cold areas in our country. Autol is trustworthy.

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