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Grease Distributor

At a glance:

reliable to supply grease
oil supply pressure could automatically adjust
easy maintenance
Anti-corrosion grade is C5-1
protection class is IP65

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Pressurized Distributor consists of distributor body, valve mushroom, pistons, center port, return spring, fuel discharge port, jointing and others. While the pump module pressurize the mainline, pressure build-up from a pressurization distributer forces a piston forward, and delivers a preset volumes of grease to each lube points. The discharge pressure can be up to 2.5 MPa. At freezing temperatures, discharge pressure will be improved as the temperate drop in order to make grease conveyed to friction pairs. When the pump module is de-energized, the internal vent vents, and the injectors can prime themselves in preparation for the next cycle. According to the volumes of grease that friction pairs require, pressurization distributers are available in three discharge volumes:0.1ml,0.2ml and 0.4 ml per pump cycle.


  • Its feature is stable performance and convenient maintenance. Furthermore each lubrication branch in one distributor group works independently and each other is not affected.

Working principle

1. The pressurized grease from the mainline forces the umbrella valve in the distributer to move upward.
2. When the valve seals the center port, the high-pressure grease pushes the piston to move upward to discharge the grease remained in the upper chamber in the last cycle.
3. When the piston is forced to the top of the chamber, the discharge finishes.
4. When the pump module stops working, the unloading valve opens, the high-pressure grease in the mainline backflows through the unloading valve, the system pressure decreases quickly, the piston moves back under the action of the spring, the umbrella valve restores to seal the inlet, and the piston forces the grease in the lower chamber to the upper chamber through the center port and the grease supplied for the next cycle is prepared at the same time.

Technical parameter

Max Pressure: 6.3MPa
Output Volume 0.1、0.2、0.4ml/cy
Grease: NLGI—000#、00#、0#、1#
Working temperature: -30—80℃


Pressurization distributor is the main component of centralized lubrication system.

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