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  • dual line lubrication pump

Double Line Grease Pump


High pressure plunger grease pumps
For double line lubrication system
Degree of protection:IP65

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ADP120 series dual line grease pumps are high pressure plunger grease pumps, which is used for double line lubrication system or dual line progressive auto lubrication system. Built in relief valve and mechanical reversing valve allow simple appearance of the grease pump and ensures normal sealing performance of the overflow valve.

The grease pump is designed with alarm functions of low level and fault.

Working principle

The motor starts to drive the plunger pair to suck the grease from the grease tank and delivered it to the reversing valve and then to the supply line of the lubrication system. The grease in another supply line of the lubrication system is flows into the grease tank for unloading. When the operating hours reaches up to the time set by the monitor, the reversing valve is reversed and the double line pump supplies grease to the other grease line while the grease in another supply line returns to the grease tank for unloading. When the operating hours of the dual line pump reach up to the time set by the monitor, it is enters into the "off" state. After the set "off"time has elapsed, the two line grease pump has finished a complete lubrication cycle and enters into the next cycle.


Model Control mode Nominal pressure Maximum pressure Rated voltage Power output Grease Degree of protection
ADP120 external monitor 25MPa 25MPa DC24V/AC220V 40W/24V




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