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205 Auto Lubrication Pump

At a glance:

With a quick refueling valve
Grease could be NLGI-0#,00#,000#

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AL205 lubrication pump is composed of 24V DC motor, gear pump, overflow valve, unloading valve and transparent grease tank. The lubricating pump is equipped with a quick refueling valve, and the fuel tank can be refueled quickly by a special lubricator.

Working principle

When the inactivity countdown ends, the lubrication pump receives the start command from the monitor, then the motor drives the gear pump, the gear pump sucks in grease, and sends it to the gear pump outlet, opens the unloading valve outlet channel, and begins to pressurize the main oil circuit grease supply. When the pressure of the main oil circuit rises to a certain value, press the grease stored in the pressurized oil separator to each lubrication point. When the outlet pressure of the lubricating pump reaches the opening pressure of the overflow valve, the residual oil flows back to the oil tank through the small hole of the overflow valve. After the pump station receives the monitor stop command, the motor stops, the unloading hole of the unloading valve opens, the main oil circuit grease flows back to the pump tank, and the remaining pressure of the main oil circuit is about 0.05~0.1MPa.

Technical parameter


Model control mode working time nominal flow rate output pressure capacity power output grease temperature
ALP205 external monitor according to preset time and flow rate 90ml/min 4.0Mpa 1L 40W/DC24V NLGI-0#、00#、000#




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