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ADZ0505 Grease Filling Pump

At a glance:

Easy to operate
Won national invention patent and utility model patent.
Applicable grease: NLGI0#~2#

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This product is an AC230V electric grease filling pump , which is easy to operate and save time as well as effort. This product won the national invention patent and utility model patent.

Working principle

Directly use the special barrel of refined oil, put this product directly on the oil in the oil barrel, and the grease filling can be completed when the power is turned on. 

Technical parameter

Product model: ADZ0505
Maximum working pressure: 10MPa
Maximum flow: 500mL/min
Voltage: AC230V
Applicable temperature: -20℃~70℃
Applicable grease: NLGI0#~2#
Power rate: 120W Net
weight: 7.5Kg
Grease barrel diameter: 175-185mm

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