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AR60 Lubrication Pump

At a glance:

water-proof patented
stirring board technology in gear pump
new pressurized dispenser
working temperature -40℃~70℃

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AR60 greasing pump is made up of motor, gear pump, overflow valve, unloading valve and transparent reservoir. The lubrication pump is semi-closed. Pump housing fastened to reservoir cap is easy to open and close. AR60 gear pump solve the problem of grease precipitation & deterioration at the bottom of the pump.


  • The pumps adopt pioneering stirring board, which can pump NLGI-0# grease all year around.
  • New pressurized distributor with high drain pressure, ensuring better lubrication to lubrication points
  • Waterproof patented technology to ensure normal operation in low-lying with water
  • Equipped with 360°adjustable refueling valve, it is easy to refueling grease

Working principle

Take AR60H for example, gear pump begins working when the pump receive the signal from monitor. The grease is sucked by gear pump and pressurized into the exit. And the pressure unloading valve is opened, and the pump module pressurizes the mainline. Then the grease cylinder connected to the mainline begins to work so as to ensure the supply of grease through a conveying device that conveys the grease from the bottom of the reservoir. Grease pressurizes mainlines and causes distributors to dispense preset volumes of grease to open overflow valve, redundant grease reflows to the reservoir through the orifice in overflow valve. The pump module receives the signal from monitor and the gear pump stops. Finally, the pressure unloading valve opens, grease in mainlines reflows to the reservoir. Then the pressure in mainlines is about 0.05~0.1Mpa.

Technical parameter


Model Control mode Working time Nominal flow rate Output pressure Capacity Height Power output Grease Temperature
ARP60 External monitor Lasting 60s after the grease pressure sensor closed 120ml/min 3.8Mpa 2.8L 375mm 20W/12V/24V NLGI-00#、000#



ARP60H NLGI-0#、00#、000#



ARP60HL 264mm


Note: for AR60H, The NLGI-0# grease is recommended for the region where the annual minimum temperature is not lower than -20℃. The NLGI-00# grease or 0# low temperature grease is recommended for the region where the annual minimum temperature is below -20℃ for a long time.


Used in commercial vehicle, machine tool, printing, spinning, packaging, and agricultural equipment.

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