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Electric Grease Pump

Component Structure:

transmission part
sealing part
pressurizing part
oil lifting part

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An electric grease pump is composed of a transmission part, a sealing part, a pressurizing device, oil lifting part, safety valve, and lube feeding part, etc. Inserted into the standard 15kg oil tank, it is convenient to use.


  • With high flow and high pressure, our electric lube feeding pump is highly efficient with good performance.
  • The flow of current electric lube feeding pumps in domestic and international markets is less than 0.5L/min (lube 2# ). However, the flow of our lube feeding pump is 1L/min(lube 2# ), which is twice that of other pumps in the market.

Working principle

The transmission part drives the oil lifting part to move up and down, making the one-way valve inside the cavity to close or open. When the one-way valve close, the lube feeding pump sucks lube. On the contrary, the pump presses the lube out.

Technical parameter

Electricity: AC220V, 50Hz
The output of the outlet at ordinary temperature: 1.2L/min(without oil pipe);1L/min (with 6M oil pipe)
The output of the outlet at low temperature(-10°C): 0.9L/min(without oil pipe);0.7L/min(with 6M oil pipe)
Max delivery pressure: 30MPa
Lube: 0-3# lithium grease
The specification of pipes: Length 6M, pipe diameterφ13*φ22

Fittings Customization

1. Pipe:max length: 10 meters
2. Pipe connectors: The customer can buy them by their own or provide us with their models for customization.

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