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Belt Conveyor Centralized Lubrication System


The centralized lubrication system developed by Auto Technology remotely monitors the operation condition of each lubrication station in real-time and provides good lubrication solution for port heavy machinery.

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Due to considerable power, friction factor and impact load, the belt conveyor in ports is easily abraded, which requires the precision and safety of its lubrication. We equip the belt conveyor in ports with lubrication system with efficient operation data.

Working Principle:

The remote monitoring and controlling computer keeps wireless communication with each lubrication station, collecting and classifying the lubrication data of each. If any fault appears, the remote monitoring computer and control box can localize it specifically.

System Analysis:

The system consists of monitoring and lubrication systems. The lubrication system is composed of electric control box, electric lubrication pump, oil feeding pump, filter, distributor, pipe, sensor and accessories. The monitoring system is made up of remote monitoring and controlling computer, monitoring software, communication module and electric control box(with communication module). The details are as following chart.

Serial Part Name Model Supplier Quantity Unit
1 monitoring master station AK2000A Zhengzhou Autol 1 unit
2 monitoring substation AK2000B Zhengzhou Autol 1 unit
3 monitoring software AM1200K Zhengzhou Autol 1 set

Autol Intelligent Centralized Lubrication System

With computer, automatic control, wireless data transmission and centralized lubrication technology, this system is a new intelligent solution characterized with smart centralized management, remote online monitoring and environmental protection. Compared to timing lubrication with fixed quantity, this system supplies lube with an improved model which is distribution by needs with appropriate quantity at proper time. Besides, the pump ability has been improved.


Wireless remote control
smart monitoring and controlling
supplying oil for multiple points
safety, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Lubrication Station Solution(a specific case to illustrate its configuration)

For the 27 belt conveyors, there are 25 lubrication stations, of which 20 is automatic stations and 5 manual ones. Automatic stations include BF1/2, BH1/2-1, BH1/2-2, BH1/2-3, BH1/2-4, BQ1-1/2, BQ2-1/2, BJ1/2/3/4, BM3, BM1/2, BH1/2-2, BH1/2-3, BDQ1, BDQ2, BD1, BD2, BD3, BM4, T1, T12, etc. Manual stations are T2, T3, T4, T5, T11, etc.
The configuration of BF1/2

The configuration of BF1/2



Model Quantity
1 Electric lubrication pump(pump cap) P215 1
2 Control box ATK02 1
3 Electric oil feeding pump DJB-F200 1
4 distributor SSV10 12
5 Supply line(stainless)


6 filter


7 Feed line(stainless)


8 Ferrule direct connector


9 Ferrule taper pipe connector


10 Single pipe clamp


11 Double pipe clamp


12 Triple pipe clamp


13 five- pipe clamp


14 Steel pipe connector


15 Metal pipe


16 High-pressure pipe 1m 60
17 Control cable RVVP3*1.0 160
18 Power cable 3*2.5+1.5 10
19 Pipe strap


20 Direct connector


21 protective cover


22 protection box


23 threading pipe(stainless)



Some Components of the System

  • 1. Progressive Distributor

    Technical parameters:
    Max Pressure: 300bar
    Output: 0.2ml/cy
    Working Temperature: -30—80℃
    The Max Pressure Difference Between 2 Outlets: 150bar
    Lube: NLGI 0#、1#、2#、3#
    Description: The distributor is equipped with anti-pulverized coal and salt and fog protective cover(stainless 316L).

  • 2. Filter

    Function: To filter the lube in supply lines

  • 3. High-pressure Hose

    Technical parameters:
    Pressure: 40MPa
    Brand: Xiangsi

  • 4. Control Box

    Through remote monitoring system and display screen, to set operation parameters, monitor the liquid level signal and the working condition of the lubrication pump, and give an alarm then faults appear.
    Technical parameters:
    Power: AC380V 50Hz
    Control Mode: Auto/ Manual
    Alarm Signal: liquid level, blockage
    Communication Mode: RS485/ wireless
    Supply cycle: 1-99h
    Supply time: 1-99m

  • 5. Oil Feeding Pump

    Main Technical parameters:
    Nominal Pressure: 2.5MPa
    Oil supply: 200L/h
    Motor Power: 1.1KW
    It can be directly applied to 180kg oil tank.

  • 6. The protective cover of distributor

    Material : stainless 316L
    Shape and dimension: 200*160*60
    Each distributor is equipped with a protective cover which is connected with bolts to ensure taht is is easy to maintain and operate.

Autol's Lubrication

1. Customize proper and reliable lubrication solution according to customers' needs.
2. Design the lube supply for each lubrication point according to each one's specific need.

About autol

Quality Control

With strict quality control system and quality standards, our company ensures the products’ quality.


1.Customized lubrication solution for each specific excavator.
2.Training on the operation and maintenance of the system for customers.
3.Installation and adjustion of the equipment to ensure its operation.
4.For the products out of warranty, we provide lifetime maintenance. And as for the spare parts used, we will charge by unified standard.
5.We provide common easily-worn parts which costs 3% of your buying.


Carton and wooden case
To ensure the products are easy to transport, packing can be flexible according to needs.

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