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Suplub-w Smart Centralized Lubrication System


Suplub-W wind power centralized lubrication system provides two solutions including integrated single-line centralized lubrication system and progressive centralized lubrication system.

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Points of Innovation:

1. Independent grease supply mode fully in parallel. A individual clogged branch will have no influence on normal operation of the other branches. 
2. Designed with patented auxiliary unloading valve technology to effectively solve the unloading difficult of long grease line and viscous grease lubrication.
3. The number of lube points and grease amount can be quickly adjusted as demands.Each lube point is provided with independent indicator rod to feed back the real-time working state of lube points.

Advantages of Waste Oil Collection System:

1. Remove the waste grease containing wear debris from the bearing chamber to reduce bearing friction, good to bearing heat dissipation and reducing bearing wear.
2. The pressure in the bearing inner chamber is eliminated to ensure that the inner chamber is unclogged and make sure that new grease is filled into the bearing.


Operating Mode

The monitor is set with lubrication interval. When the centralized lubrication system is under the lubrication state, the grease pump will run and the pressurized grease is delivered to the in-parallel distributor blocks. The grease from the distributor will be introduced to lube points via branch line. And, the grease supply is completed.
The plunger grease pump stops running. The supply line is relieved through the unloading valve and auxiliary unloading valve. Grease is store in the metering chamber of each distributor at fixed amount. And, one working cycle is completed and the lubrication system is ready to enter into next working cycle.

Components of Integrated Single-line Centralized Lubrication System:

The system consists of plunger grease pump, integrated single-line distributor block, monitor, grease pressure sensor, supply line, branch line, accessories, etc.The plunger grease pump is connected to distributor blocks in parallel via the supply line. On the end of the supply line, the grease pressure sensor is fitted. The discharge port of the distributor is connected to corresponding lube point.

Why choose automatic lubrication system

Traditional centralized lubricating system for "timing & quantitative" lubricated manner cannot meet the differentiated needs of each lubrication parts within the system, which causes some parts are poor lubrication, some parts are oil overdose;

Individual lubrication part of Centralized lubrication systems will appear the block or leakage, which influence the effective lubrication to other parts

which is installed on the fan head will be rotated with the fan blade, it is always in inversion status. The spring pressure plate auxiliary technology of common lubrication pump has poor effect, the phenomena of Evacuation & non-flow will occasionally happen under cold environment

The part of long-term accumulation grease in lubrication pump will be easy hardening deterioration, make the resistance of oil-line bigger and bigger, when it exceeds the sealing capacity of bearing enclosure, Orifice oil seal of injecting new grease will be burst

Equipped with an automatic lubrication system can reduce the time of grease injection, greatly improve the working efficiently, To equipment, Automatic lubrication system provides optimum lubrication effect

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1.Customized lubrication solution for each specific equipment.
2.Training on the operation and maintenance of the system for customers.
3.Installation and adjustion of the equipment to ensure its operation.
4.For the products out of warranty, we provide lifetime maintenance. And as for the spare parts used, we will charge by unified standard.
5.We provide common easily-worn parts which costs 3% of your buying.


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