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Intelligent central lubrication system
Intelligent central lubrication system
Intelligent auto lubrication system can realize grease supply point by point: it can realize regular, quantitative and fixed point grease supply; 
Point by point monitoring function: remotely monitor the operation of the system and grasp the operation status of the equipment in time.
With fault self-check system & sound and light alarm system;
Remote monitoring system operation status;
Independent grease supply for each lubrication point;
port terminal
Automatic grease pump
Grease pump is the whole lubrication system main parts. We could provide the auto grease pump as below, model could be sure due to your needs.
Multi-Point Grease Pump
DDRB-N Multi-Point Grease Pump
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Grease lubrication distributor
Grease distributor for lubrication system
The JPQ2 type chip progressive distributor is a quantitative grease supply device, which is it is divided into side outlet type and top outlet type according to the position of the oil outlet.The number of oil outlets ranges from 6 to 16 holes.
Grease distributor for lubrication system
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