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Precautions for Use of Centralized Lubrication System of Excavator

0 Jan 16,2018 Industry News

The centralized lubrication system is widely used for excavators, loaders, graders, trailer concrete pumps and other construction machinery and equipment due to its benefits such as convenient filling, forced feed lubrication, longer service life, increased availability, grease saving, reduced costs of maintenance, etc. Like other systems, the centralized lubrication system will cause more troubles even serious consequences if it is incorrectly used or incapable of troubleshooting in time during use. Precautions for use of the centralized lubrication system of an excavator are as follows: 

1.Correct setting filling interval in the light of actual circumstances.

2.Ensure good tightness of system to prevent dust and air from being entered.

3.Timely replacement of deteriorated grease.

4.Addition of anti-freezing admixture during use under extremely cold climate.


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