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Different Types of Lubrication Systems Description In Brief

0 Aug 08,2019 Industry News

Centralized lubrication helps to eliminate often unsafe manufal lubrication and to optimize lubrication in terms of volume size and lubrication interval. Central lubrication systems feed lubricant from a central source to the connected lubrication points on a machine or machining system automatically.
Single line lubrication systems are suitable for numerous lubrication points on small and medium sized machines, machine groups and systems opperated on an intermittent basis.In single line lubrication systems the distributors deliver a metered quantity of grease to the lubrication points almost simultaneously. Progressive feeders deliver the grease in sequence to the lubrication points.
Single point lubrication is normally used when only a few lubrication points are located on a machine and these are far away from each other.In this case a centralized lubrication system is not economical. 
Dual line centralised lubrication systems are designed for medium-sized or large machines with a large number of lubrication points, long lines and harsh operating conditions.
Multi line lubrication systems are in principle single point lubricators, whereby the lubrication points are supplied from just one pump and from a single reservoir. As a result, all of the lubrication points are supplied with the same lubricant. 


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