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New design
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The progressive distributor supplies grease to each lubrication point progressively through its corresponding plunger piston. Progressive distributor can be divided into block distributor and plate distributor according to the different structures. The block distributor is an integral block-type structure. The block distributor features high working pressure, which can be applied to the machinery equipment with heavy load. The plate distributor is composed of a top chip, a bottom chip and several middle chips (usually 1~8 pieces), with two outlets on each middle chip. The grease pump capacity of each outlet, which is determined by the sectional area and stroke of the plunger piston, can be designed individually.


  • Adopt new design, progressive system is equipped with pressure gage to detect the system pressure.
  • Set system warning pressure and alarm pressure, considering the factors of resistance, low temperature, grease and others.
  • Fault early warning when the system is not completely blocked; Fault alarm when the system is blocked
  • With fault early warning system, it is possible to maintain the warning dispenser during maintenance period, thus improving the working life of the system.

Working principle

According to default program, lubrication pump begin working once countdown end. Lubrication grease is delivered into the main distributor through the main line. And the main distributor distributes the grease to the lubrication points through the secondary distributors. Plunger detector of main distributor transfer system grease supply data to monitor. Pump stop working when grease reaches set value, and monitor count plus one. The system ends.

Technical parameter

Max Pressure: 300bar
Output 0.2ml/cy
Grease NLGI 0#、1#、2#、3#
Working temperature -30—80℃


can be applied to the machinery equipment with heavy load.

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