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DDRB-N Multi-Point Grease Pump

At a glance:

It applies to grease with penetration not less than 265(25℃,150 g)1/10 mm and grease with viscosity grade greater than N68
suitable for lubrication in -20℃~80℃

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The DDRB-N (original ZB)multi-point grease pump applies to the centralized lubrication of multi-line small and medium mechanical equipment with infrequent lubrication, less than 50 lube points, and nominal pressure of 31.5 MPa, supplying grease to the lube points directly or through a single-line distributor. It is especially applies to single equipment for metallurgy, mine, heavy-duty machine, port transportation and construction, etc.The DDRB-N multi-point grease pump consists of grease reservoir, speed reducer, pressure oil plunger pump, motor, etc.


  • This multi-point grease pump shall be installed at place with proper ambient temperature, less dust, easy inspection and maintenance and convenient grease make-up.
  • The reservoir must be refilled from the grease filling port of the reservoir by filling pump. Do not fill with unfiltered medium by uncovering the reservoir.
  • The number of the grease feeding ports may be selected by 1 to 14. The elements of the pressure oil plunger pump not in use may be removed, as appropriate.
  • The grease feed may be adjusted with 3 screws as shown in the following figure.
  • Connect the electric wires of the motor according to the direction of rotation plate on the reservoir cylinder wall. Do not reverse the motor.

Working principle

The motor drives the worm speed reducer. The worm shaft drives the eccentric driving wheel to rotate at low speed. The pulling disc of the driving wheel drives the plunger of the pressure oil plunger pump to reciprocate to suck grease. As a result, the grease is discharged from the pump outlets.

Technical parameter


Number of outlet port Nominal pressure(MPa) Daily displacement Volume of grease reservoir(L) Number of grease feeds Motor power(kW) Weight(KG)
1-14 31.5 1.8:3.5
22 0.37 43


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