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Rotary Drill Auto Grease System


AUTOL provides dual line progressive auto lubrication system for rotary drill machinery.

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Rotary Drill Solution

For rotary drill lubrication solution, AUTOL provides dual line lubrication system, the auto grease system includes dual line grease pump with 30MPA, dual line grease divider and ssva progressive divider and pipes.Dual line system could supply grease scientifically with high efficiency and reduce fault rate of rotary drill.

Technical Advantages:

Adopt built-in mechanical reversing valve, reversing safely and reliably;
Multiple plunger pairs lay out evenly with push-pull structure to avoid sucking air. Also, it can avoid the phenomenon that the plunger cannot be reset due to spring fatigue. Higher reliability is achieved;
The grease channels in the distributor are short and each unit is independent to avoid affecting mutually, which solves blockage of the distributor;
Grease is delivered in ultra distance and distributed accurately. the sensor detect the operation status at any time.

Lubrication System Cases

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