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ABDB-30 Multi Grease Pump

At a glance:

ABDB-12 multipoint pump could directly supply grease to various lubricating points
Suitable for lubrication in -20℃~70℃
Suitable for large progressive lubrication system

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ABDB-30 multipoint pump is a new product developed by Autol Technology Co. Ltd. based on long-term market research and technological innovation. It is suitable for mining, oil field, port, construction machinery, heavy machinery equipment and other industries.


The pump supplies lubricant to all necessary lubrication parts as required through a complete lubricant supply system. It can reduce the friction resistance, contact wear and temperature of friction surfaces. Meanwhile, it may also play a role of anti-rust, shock absorption and sealing.

Working principle

Operating principle: Gear reduction motor  drives crankshaft to rotate, and the crankshaft drives plunger on multipoint pump body to carry out reciprocating motion to complete lubricant intake and discharge. Grease or oil is delivered to outlet via a check valve. At the same time, the crankshaft drives stir bar component to rotate, so that, grease is pressed into suction port of the plunger pump unit.

Technical parameter


Number of outlet Max pressure(MPa) Tank Volume(L) Temperature Rated Voltage Motor power(kW) Speed of Stir Bar (r/min)
1-12 35 30 -20°C~70°C AC380V/50HZ 0.75 25


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