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  • ATK20 Electrical Control System

ATK20 Electrical Control System

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It is the electrical control center of the lubrication system

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It is the electrical control center of the lubrication system, consisting of Siemens PLC, touch screen, isolating transformer, DC regulated power supply, circuit breaker, contactor, overload protector, intermediate relay, wiring terminal, fuse terminal, etc. The core control element is PLC, which controls electrical parts of the central lubrication system. The real-time data and parameters of the PLC are displayed on the touch screen.


  • Providing DC24V, AC380V, AC220V/50Hz power supply;
  • Siemens PLC, touch screen, and extension module;
  • Pressure and gravity transmittance display and control system;
  • Adjustment and display system of grease supply parameters;
  • Grease pump controller and protection system;
  • Activating system of control lubrication points;
  • Remote monitoring interface may be reserved.

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