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100 Lubrication Pump


applicable to high-cold area
working temperature: -50℃~80℃
auxiliary unloading valve patent technology
wetting-proof patent technology
new-type oil tank guarantees that the lube flows by "FIFO" rule

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ALP100 series automatic grease pump is a closed system, consisting of DC motor, piston pump, reciprocating air pump, relief valve, transparent oil tank, etc. There are ALP100 (basic type), ALP102(high strength type) and ALP103 (high-cold area pump). During installation, the pump is fixed in a relatively closed protection box to avoid collision.


  • High strength pump can pump highly viscous lube.
  • High adaptability to operating limit and temperature range.
  • In severely cold areas, a temperature control sensor will be installed to guarantee the good operation of centralized lubrication system in high-cold regions.
  • Two fuel feeding valves are installed on the pump, which is convenient to refill the oil tank.
  • Pump NLGI-1# lithium grease during the whole year, solving the application problem in high-cold areas.
  • The auxiliary unloading valve patent technology effectively solves the unloading problem in long oil pipes.
  • Wetting-proof patent technology makes sure that the equipment works well in low-lying and waterlogged areas.
  • New-type pump structure guarantee the lube to follow "FIFO" rule, effectively avoiding the deposition and deterioration of lube.

Working principle

Take ALP103 grease pump as an example. After the monitor sends a start signal to lube pump, the motor drives the eccentric to work. Reciprocating air pump starts to work, the piston pump sucks lube and delivers it to the pump outlet and the supply line through a relief valve. After the lubrication, once the lube pump receives the end signal, the motor stops. The next inactivity recycle begins.

Technical parameter


Model Control mode Working time Nominal flow rate Output pressure Capacity Height Power Grease Temperature
ALP101 External/Internal monitor 0~60min 2~5ml/min 10~35Mpa 4L 480mm 24VDC /30W NLGI-2#、1#、00#、000#



6L 580mm
8L 680mm
ALP102 External/Internal monitor 0~60min 2~5ml/min 10~35Mpa 4L 480mm 24VDC /30W NLGI-0#、1#、2#



6L 580mm
8L 680mm



The capacities of AL100 series lubrication pumps include 2L, 4L, 6L, 8L. They can be applied to small and medium-sized equipment like commercial vehicle, wind turbine, construction machinery, port machines, metallurgy, food machinery, paper making and printing, which have a large number of lube points, large quantity of lube and short lubrication cycle.

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