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Affiliated to the research center of Autol Technology Co., Ltd, Autol’s laboratory was founded in 2005. The past decade witnessed Autol’s development, now the laboratory covers an area of about 800 square meters with 8 experiment and testing departments, including electrical and electronic laboratory, physics laboratory, environmental laboratory, comprehensive property laboratory, etc.

The laboratory owns more than 40 professional test equipments with a total value of more than 2 million yuan, including spark direct reading spectrometer, electrostatic discharge tester, high-low temperature test-box, etc. Besides, there are more than 20 professional engineers in this laboratory who respectively specialize in electrical and electronic testing, reliability experiment, material testing, etc.

The laboratory was established and operated under the guidance of ISO17025 Accreditation Criteria for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories and national laws and regulations. Since its foundation, various experiments in centralized lubrication systems for automobile chassis and wind turbine, and testing for material property, physical properties, electrical and electronic performance, products’ weather-resistance ability and reliability are carried out in this laboratory.

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